Project Description

Motorised Gear Pump Units
The motorised gear pump unit is designed for single line lubrication systems fitted with piston distributors. Oil is delivered when the pump operates. When the pump is off, the distributors are re-charged. Therefore, a pre-determined lubrication cycle is obtained.

Hand Operated Piston Pumps
The hand operated piston pump is suited for single line centralised lubrication systems (total loss lubrication). Lubrication is carried out by pulling the hand lever until a resistance is encountered. The manual force is transmitted via a cam to the piston, which feeds the lubrication oil through the main line to the piston distributors. When the hand lever is released, the main line pressure is also released and the distributors are re-charged.

Piston Distributors
Piston distributors discharge a pre-set quantity of oil intermittently by means of a pump. Each piston distributor is marked with the quantity of oil it discharges at every stroke. The pump delivers the lubricant through the main line to the piston distributor which discharges the exact volume of oil required at the lubricating point. On release of the main line pressure, the piston distributor is re-charged and ready for the next cycle. Hyd-Air piston distributors are available for discharge of oil from 0.03 cc to 1.5 cc.