Project Description

The O-ring face seal fitting (or ORFS fitting) consists of a nut, a fitting body, an O-ring and a sleeve. The flat faced sleeve is brazed onto the tube (or the tube may be flanged to 90°). The O-ring is held captive in a precision machined groove in the fitting body. When the nut is tightened onto the fitting body, the O-ring is compressed between the fitting body and the flat face of the brazed sleeve (or flanged tube end) to produce a tight, positive seal.

Further tightening of the nut brings the two faces of the body and the sleeve (or flanged tube end) into contact with each other and produces a solid feel, minimizing the chances of over-tightening. The flat, perpendicular sealing surfaces of the body and the sleeve (or flanged tube end) result in a perfect leak-free joint.

ORFS fittings are suitable for any range of tube wall thickness and are easily adaptable for use along with metric tube or hose.

Hyd-Air O-ring face seal fittings are manufactured to meet or exceed SAE J1453 standards.