How Hose Crimping Machine Works

Crimping machines help to crimp end fittings on the hoses. This is crucial step in hose assembly as the hose in most of the cases is not much useful without the fittings. These fittings or the assembly help the hose to connect with the machinery or overall system and be productive.

So first lets figure out what is a crimping machine ?

What is a Crimping Machine ?

A crimping machine helps to crimp the fittings on the hose ends which enables the hose assembly to connect with the intended flow system.

Crimping machines are powered, simple, portable and hand held devices that helps crimp / attach metal fittings on the rigid hose ends. These are precisely engineered to carry out the task smoothly and usually comes with die sets ranging for the hose sizes.

Crimping machines are of two types,

  1. Manual Operated
  2. Powered

Manual Operated machines are powered by hand or foot. These are used for low pressure applications in most of the cases.

Electric or Oil Powered Crimping Machines are powered by oil or electricity. They have the best accuracy and have a high precision.

how crimping machines work

How does a hose crimping machine work ?

A hose crimping machine applies 360 degree force from all the sides on the outside metal casing of the fitting after it is mounted on the hose so that it can form a tight grip with the carvings on the nipple inside the hose. Thereby, creating a stronghold union between the hose and fittings. The interlocking between the fittings components does not let the hose slide out or leak and forms a firm grip.

The steps to use the crimping machine;

  1. Mount the fittings on the hose ends
  2. Place the die set for crimping according to the hose size
  3. Turn on the machine and power up
  4. Wear your safety gear
  5. Place the hose in the machine to be crimped
  6. Compress the fittings on the hose end to precise requirement

If you are not sure the size of the hose then you can refer to our blog on hose size determination.

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