How to Select the Right Hydraulic Hose

It is very important that you select the right hydraulic hose for your application. This helps ensure that your system runs perfectly and smoothly without causing trouble. A small mistake and you select the wrong hydraulic hose, can create havoc in your work station or factory. 

The question that comes up is from this vast variety of choice, which one is suitable for your application? How do you decide and select the hydraulic hoses that will meet your needs?

If you also have these question, then you are in the right place. We will answer these two questions for you in this blog. By following this guide, you will be able to select the right hydraulic hose for your application.

What is a Hydraulic Hose?

A hydraulic hose is a hollow flexible tube that is specifically designed to transmit or convey pressurised fluid to the machines. They are usually reinforced to be able to sustain the pressure of the fluid and provide a long life of usage.

They are made using either rubber, EPDM, teflon (ptfe), thermoplastic etc. The compound usually depends on the application and each of them have their own unique properties.

Wide Range of Hydraulic Hoses

The range of hydraulic hoses today is limitless. We have a wide range of hydraulic hoses and all of them have distinct features that separate them from each other.

The ones that we particularly house are made up of rubber, thermoplastic, polyvinylcarbonate (pvc), stainless steel, ptfe (teflon) and much more. The chain is endless and we keep on adding more and more of it to our inventory. You can view our entire list of hoses in our shop page.

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This vast variety of choice sometimes confuses us in deciding which hose should you choose and go ahead with.

It is very important that you choose the right hydraulic hose. A wrong choice may lead to damage to the machinery and the work force. The last thing that you would want is injuries to the work force and damaged machines.

This could lead to a possible loss of reputation and money.

You can use the parameters below that can hep you choose the right hose pipe which will be able to meet your needs.

1. Size / Inner Diameter (ID)

The most important element while you are looking for your hydraulic hose. The size of the hose play a very important role.

To optimise your process, the inner or inside diameter has to be large enough to let the fluid pass through it without obstruction. If there is an obstruction in the passage, it will lead to loss of energy / pressure and damage your hose.

All other parameters will largely depend on the size of the hose, like the pressure rating, end fittings, flexibility etc.

2. Pressure Rating

This is the most important thing you should look for in the hydraulic hose. The pressure of the fluid that will be passed through the hose. It is very very important.

If you choose a hose pipe with a higher pressure rating, it will not cause much of a problem. Your problem will begin if the pressure in the fluid is more than what the hose can sustain.

Every hydraulic hose will have two things, working pressure and bursting pressure. You can check out our technical specification under each product and find the ones that meet your pressure requirements.

We always advice that you should consider working pressure while purchasing your hose pipe because the life of usage depends on it. A higher working pressure will drastically reduce the working life of your hose.


3. Fluids to Pass Through

You also need to consider the fluid that will pass through your hydraulic hose. There are multiple fluids that can be transmitted and all the fluids are not the same, you would know this better.

Is it oil, chemicals, gas, water, hot water, steam etc. On the basis of the fluid, there are different variety of hoses to choose from. We do understand you may be thinking, why the fluids is important?

The last thing you want is the fluid to have a reaction with the hose inner material, also in chemical applications it can be very fatal. The inner core of the hose should not react to the fluid is the main motto.

4. Temperature Conditions

Temperature conditions of the fluid as well as in some cases the outside temperature is also vital. The temperature condition of the fluid will help you choose from our wide range.

All of our hoses are based on application. They are designed to be perfect for a set of features. This is why we have a wide range. A hose specifically designed for steam, oil, water, gas, fuel etc.

The major benefit of this is that you get a long life of hose and the chances of hose failure are minimised.

The hose can be damaged by the inside as well outside conditions. If you are hose passes close a steel assembly line, boilers or other such equipment, it reduces the working life of the hose pipe. In such cases, we provide with external covers that protect the hose from such damages.

5. Flexibility

Flexibility means the bends that you require for your hose to meet. This variable is covered in all technical specifications under the bend radius heading.

This metric informs how much can you hose bend, in other words it is the flexibility f the hose. The “U” shape that is formed is measured for this calculation.

If you do not have much space and sharp bends, it is the time where you will decide if you want to go ahead with R13 or 4SH, teflon straight or convoluted.

Flexibility is a vital element, as we know that most of the time, hydraulic hoses will tend to move around with the machines. It will go in the direction and provides the ability of the machines to be flexible.

We do understand the importance of flexibility and how important is it for the hose to sustain the load and pressure on the bends. Therefore, we sell only best quality products which you would know if you see the brands we offer. Quality is one of our driving factors and we do not compromise on it.


We know that hydraulic hoses or any hose is designed for certain applications. We have a wide range of hoses which covers all your applications. Be it any application, we have the hose and fittings for you.

By this, you now know how to choose a hose for yourself, that will meet all your needs. If there are still any confusions or you are not being able to decide, just give us a call or email us and we will help you with the hose to meet your needs.

We have a team of professionals that can handle your requirement, suggest you the best possible solution.  We have the latest hose and fitting technology, team of expert professionals that can handle most of your needs. Our systems and operations are optimised to scale and handle your production orders, individual orders, maintenance contracts and much more.

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