Hose End Fittings

We offer an expansive product selection. You can choose the material, design or send us your drawing/design and we can manufacture it for you. Our standard offerings are mentioned below and for any further assistance, feel free to connect with us.

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Please Note :- We do have a MOQ requirement for the hose end fittings.

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Hose End Fittings

  • Stainless Steel
  • Carbon Steel
  • Skive
  • No Skive
Thread Size1/8” – 4” (Inches)
Thread Variations
  • BSP
  • JIC 37°
  • ORFS
  • SAE
  • NPTF / NPT
  • SAE Flange
  • Metric
  • JIS
  • OEM
Thread Type
  • Male
  • Female
  • Flange
Design Variations
  • Straight
  • 90° Bend
  • 45° Bend
  • As Per Design
Working PressureVaries by Part

Hose end fittings refers to the crimped or attachable fittings that are placed on the ends of the hose pipe. These help the hose to connect with the system and function as desired. With a large selection of fitting sizes and configurations, we at Hosemart strive to be your preferred supplier. We offer reliability, quality and access to an expansive product selection. No matter what your application, we have the spirit of innovation, technical know-how and the widest support system to collaborate on your project and deliver.

We do understand the importance and safety concerns of hydraulic hose fittings and therefore we constantly invest in better technology to help us achieve our goals.

Crimp Fittings

These are permanently crimped on the ends of the hose pipe. These are majorly used in hydraulic or high pressure applications. This type of fitting is the most widely used and is the safest of all types. Fittings are crimped using a crimping machine and therefore become permanent. These cannot be easily removed from the hose, it is the most widely used and is the safest of all types of hose end fittings.

crimp hose end fitting

The crimp fittings are of three types
1. One Piece Fitting
2. Two Piece Fitting
3. Three Piece Fitting

There are normally three components of crimp hose end fittings. The swivel nut/end connection, nipple and cover. When all the three are separate from each other, it is called three piece fitting. This form provides the maximum flexibility but also takes more time in assembly. The one piece fitting is when all the components are fixed together and all you have to do is crimp it. It provides the least flexibility but is the best time saver in assembly. Similarly the two piece fitting design. The difference amongst the three is by design and the purpose is the same.

hose fitting bend

We have a wide range of hose end fittings offerings. We do also provide a wide range of hose connectors and fittings that can facilitate your operations. The technical know-how, spirit of innovation and technology helps us offer reliability and quality to you. For any further queries connect with us.


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