Pneumatic Quick Connect Release Coupling (QRC) Single Check


  • Spring loaded quick release couplers which should be used on the compressor so that the air is contained when the air tool is disconnected.
  • When using the coupler(s) slide back the sleeve, push in the connector and then slide back the sleeve fully to lock in the connector.
  • Made of heat treated hardened steel for strength and durability.
  • Enables tools and airlines to be quickly connected / disconnected.
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Pneumatic Quick-Connect (QRC) Fittings [Single Check]


  • Pneumatic Quick-Connect (QRC) fittings are designed for quick and easy connections and disconnections in pneumatic systems. They facilitate the rapid assembly and disassembly of pneumatic components without the need for tools.

Design / Connection Mechanism

  • QRC fittings typically consist of two main parts: the plug and the socket. The plug has a male end, and the socket has a female end. The design often involves a push-to-connect mechanism for quick engagement and a release button or sleeve for disconnection. The connection mechanism of pneumatic QRC fittings often involves a spring-loaded mechanism. When the male and female components are pushed together, the spring-loaded mechanism engages, securing the connection.


  • These fittings are commonly made from materials such as brass, stainless steel, or various types of plastics, depending on factors like the application environment and the type of pneumatic system.

Types of QRC Fittings

  • There are various types of pneumatic QRC fittings, including:
    • a. Straight Through (ST): Allows a straight flow through the coupling.
    • b. Single Shut-Off (SO): One side (either the plug or socket) can be shut off to stop the flow.
    • c. Double Shut-Off (DO): Both the plug and socket can be shut off independently.


  • Pneumatic QRC fittings find applications in a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, automation, robotics, and various pneumatic systems. They are often used in compressed air lines and pneumatic tools.


  • Rapid and tool-free connections.
  • Time-saving in assembly and maintenance.
  • Minimize downtime during system setup and changes.
  • Facilitate the modular design of pneumatic systems.

Safety Considerations

  • Some QRC fittings come with safety features, such as locking mechanisms or safety sleeves, to prevent accidental disconnections.


  • Available in various sizes to accommodate different pneumatic tubing or hose diameters. Pneumatic QRC fittings come in various sizes to accommodate different hose or tubing diameters. The sizing is standardized based on industry norms to ensure compatibility.

When selecting pneumatic QRC fittings, it’s crucial to consider factors such as the type of pneumatic system, operating pressure, temperature, and the compatibility of materials with the working environment. Regular inspection and maintenance are essential to ensure the integrity and functionality of these fittings in pneumatic systems.

Pneumatic QRC fittings play a vital role in enhancing the efficiency and flexibility of pneumatic systems, allowing for quick changes and connections in various industrial applications.

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Weight0.2 kg
Dimensions10 × 10 × 10 cm
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Pack of 10, Pack of 5

Size QRC

PF20, PH20, PM20, PP20, SF20, SH20, SM20, SP20


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