Project Description

Flareless bite type fittings or “compression fittings” as the are popularly called, are the most widely used bite type fittings in the world.
The fitting consists of a body, hardened cutting ring (ferrule) and nut. On assembly, the ferrule grips the tube in position and the cutting edges of the ferrule “bite” into the outer surface of the tube to ensure a positive seal. When fully tightened, the hardened ferrule is bowed slightly in the middle and acts as a spring. This spring action of the ferrule maintains a continuous tension between the body and the nut, and prevents the nut from loosening under vibration and strain.

The fitting can be dismantled and re-assembled as often as required, without weakening the joint or reducing the effectiveness of the seal in any way. Available in three series (LL, L and S), Hyd-Air compression fittings offer and unmatched degree of safety and reliability in oil hydraulics, pneumatics, instrumentation systems and high pressure fluid systems.

Hyd-Air compression fittings are manufactured in accordance with DIN 2353.