Project Description

Hyd-Air manufactures quick connect couplings for fluid and gaseous media for pressures up to 350 bar.

Connection or disconnection automatically actuates valves to release or interrupt the flow respectively. The valves are specially designed to practically eliminate the spillage of liquid or escape of gas during assembly. Spring actuated poppets with soft seats ensure fluid tight seals when disconnected.

Hyd-Air manufactures high pressure quick connect couplings in accordance with ISO 7241-A and ISO 7241-B in steel, brass and stainless steel materials. The couplings are used in hydraulic systems, agricultural equipment and chemical and process industries.

For low and medium pressure compressed air applications, Hyd-Air offer single-shut off quick connected couplings interchangeable to Nitto Kohki (Japan). These couplings are available in brass, steel and stainless steel materials.